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Smart button


Smart button - wireless device that can extend the capabilities of your tie breaker. With one touch you can not only control the lights, but also activate security mode, open the door when the doorbell rings, turn off all appliances in the house, as well as run scenarios. The options for use are limited only by your imagination.

Free yourself from household chores, saving your time for more important things, with Smart Home devices from rubetek.

Receiver that will transmit commands to other devices of Smart Home and to rubetek Cloud is required for connection of smart button.

Available devices:

Wi-Fi plug RЕ-3305

Wi-Fi single switch relay RЕ-3313

Wi-Fi single switch relay with dry contact RЕ-3314

Wi-Fi double switch relay RЕ-3315

Control module RM-3715

Principle of operation

Smart button is connected to tie breaker. Its purpose is to start set scenarios. When the switch buttons are pressed, the button sends a radio signal to the receiver installed at home
(relay, smart plug and etc.) or send a commend to rubetek Cloud server and then the scenario is activated by components of Smart Home system.


Supports up to 3 scenarios, connected to switch buttons
Push- and SMS- notifications to change battery
Diagnostics of button functionality every 30 minutes
Display of the name and button location room in application
Two-way communication and display of signal quality with receiver
Lifetime up to 3 years without battery change

Structure diagram

  • 1
    Control button and LED indicator

  • COM- common wire;

    S1, S2, S3 – Wires for switch buttons.

    Battery compartment

  • 1
    Battery fastening

  • Installation

    1. Open cover of battery compartment by picking up the groove and insert the battery (supplied). Close the cover.

    1. Connect COM contact to terminal of common switch contact and contacts S1-S3 — with relevant terminals S. If single-button switch is used it is enough to connect only one contact of button S1, it two-button switch is used-two contacts S1, S2 shall be connected and if three-button switch is used all three button contacts will be used.

    • Important! Do not connect the phase coming from the distribution box to the common contact terminal of the switch.

    Mobile app

    Download and install rubetek application from App Store or Google Play.
    You can use QR-code.
    Create an account and confirm your mobile number to use the application.

    Adding to application

    1. Open rubetek application.
    2. Open rubetek application. Press '+' in top right angle of the main screen
    3. Select 'Add Device'

    1. Select section Power supply → Flush-mounting→ Smart button

    1. Press and hold the button on housing for more than 5 sec. to put the smart button to adding mode. Diode shall start flashing.


    Find below all possible conditions of smart button tile on the main screen.

    Smart button
    Good working order

    Smart button
    Button is not available 30 min. and longer

    Smart button
    Smart button Change battery


    Create your scenarios. Control light in bathroom, kitchen and bedroom using the only switch. Set up door opening when door bell rings or switch off Security mode by pressing the button.

    Other opportunities

    In combination with relays RE-3313 or RE-3315 you can create autonomous control system by several lighting groups by means of one switch in your house. Connect relay to lighting sources and set up scenario for operation of lighting group depending upon switch buttons.

    Using Wi-Fi plug RE-3305 and two relays RE-3313 in combination with smart button will help you to control lighting of the appliance, connected to plug RE-3305 (e.g, towel dryer) and vent hood in bathroom using one three-button switch.

    Using these devices, you will get:

    1. Control of lighting and appliances using one switch;
    2. Possibility to set schedule for operation of appliances and lighting;
    3. Control of several lighting groups ans appliances using smartphone;
    4. Receive notification on lighting and appliances on/off in a room to smartphone.


    Press and hold the tile on the screen to open button settings.

  • 1
    Device name
  • 1
    Location room
  • 1
    Notifications settings
  • 1
  • 1
    Hide/display the device on the main screen
  • 1
    Add to/remove from Favorites
  • 1
    Battery charge level
  • 1
    Last activity
  • 1
    Event log
  • 1
    Advanced device data

  • With a one scale division signal, we do not guarantee stable operation of the security system. Move the device to improve signal quality.

    When the battery level is less than 15%, you will be notified to replace the battery.

    The signal transmission power is automatically set uped and directly affects the battery life.

    Event log

    The Events tab displays messages about the need to replace the battery in the smart button, as well as the chronology of triggering other Smart Home devices, if any. Tab is in the lower application menu.

    Push notifications

    To use this function you should permit rubetek application to send push notifications. You can do it in your mobile phone settings.


    After connection of the button there are free contacts left. Is it ok?
    Smart button supports up to 3 connections. If it is not necessary to use all three contacts, you can simply leave them unused.
    Can I control lighting in different rooms using one switch, using smart button?
    Yes, you can. Smart button activates the scenario that is executed by different rubetek relays regardless their location in the house.
    Can I connect smart button to dimmer?
    No. Smart button is designed for connection to tie breakers.
    Why is the battery dead faster than 3 years?
    Battery life is affected by a number of factors: ambient temperature, level of communication with the receiver, and installation location.
    Why don't I get push and SMS-notifications about button power level?
    Check communication signal level between button and receiver. Also make sure that your smartphone settings are enabled to allow notifications from the rubetek mobile app.

    If you can't solve the problem yourself, contact technical support at


    Model RL-3337
    Connection type RF 868 MHz
    Operating voltage 3 V
    Power component Battery CR2450
    Battery life-time up to 3 years
    Operating Temperature 0°C…+40°C
    Operating humidity up to 80% (no condensation)
    Installation place indoor
    Mobile app You can't add it directly to the mobile app. Receiver is required
    Overall dimensions 42×42×14 mm
    Weight 32 32 g

    Content of delivery

    Smart button RL-3337 1 pc
    Battery CR2450 1 pc
    Warranty card 1 pc
    Manual 1 pc