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Motorized ball valve


Motorized ball valve — wireless device that allows to shut off water remotely from application and automatically in case of leakage. The device is available in two options that differ by the diameter of ball valve: RLP-3811 (½'') and RLP-3812(¾''). The specialist who will install pipeline system will advice you the required size.

Receiver that will transmit commands to other devices of Smart home and to rubetek Cloud is required for connection of sensor.

Available devices:

Wi-Fi plug RЕ-3305

Wi-Fi single switch relay RЕ-3313

Wi-Fi single switch relay with dry contact RЕ-3314

Wi-Fi double switch relay RЕ-3315

Control module RM-3715

Principle of operation

Motorized ball valve is equipped with built-in radio module. This allows the device to receive and execute commands from a receiver, as well as to report its status.

You can set up automatic water shut off even if receiver is not provided. You will need water leak sensor RS-3225 for this purpose. In this case, you will not be able to receive notifications from the motorized ball valve or control it via a mobile app, but the ball valve will be closed when the sensor detects a leak.

The device supports self-cleaning function.

The motorized ball valve can run from four AA batteries as well as from 220 V via a USB Type C connector with a 5 V, 1 A power supply.


You can shut off water using mobile app rubetek
Set on/off timers as per schedule for specified time
Set up automatic water shut off depending upon water leak sensor
Create automations to control motorized ball valve in rubetek system
Manage ball valve position manually
Receive Push- and SMS- notifications to change battery and if leakage is detected

Structure diagram

  • 1
  • 1
    Open/close button
  • 1
    Buttons for fastening motorized ball valve
  • 1
    Battery compartment
  • 1
    Battery compartment cover

  • 1
    Drive shaft
  • 1
    Mounting disk
  • 1
    USB Type C connector

  • Installation of motorized ball valve

    1. Close ball valve and remove metal handle. If your valve is not equipped with a base to install additional equipment, replace it with the one supplied with the motorized ball valve.

    1. Fasten mounting disc of motorized ball valve at the base of ball valve by means of four bolts and nuts.

    1. Press the release buttons on the sides of the motorized ball valve body and place it on the mounting disk. The position of the disk grooves shall coincide with the latches on the motorized ball valve body. Release buttons and ensure that motorized ball valve is fixed securely on the valve.

    1. Install the batteries as shown on the picture or connect the unit to the power supply via the USB Type C connector. The motorized ball valve will start automatic calibration. Wait until the calibration is complete.

    When the calibration is complete, the motorized ball valve will move to position 'Shut off'. This means that ball valve and motorized ball valve will be in the same position at the beginning.

    If the motorized ball valve has been installed on an open ball valve, the control of the device will be inverted: if you try to close/open the valve from the application or using the buttons on the body, the motorized ball valve will perform the reverse action.

    To fix it close ball valve by hand (press latching buttons and turn the device) and re-install motorized ball valve on mounting disk.

    Auto Running Operation

    To set up auto running operation of motorized ball valve water leak sensor RS-3225 is required:

    1. Press the button 10 times or more with frequency 1 sec. to put sensor into adding mode. Sensor diode shall start flashing

    2. Press the button 'Shut off' three times and put the motorized ball valve in adding mode. If activation was successful, blue LED will start flashing and three beeps will sound.

    3. Wait until LED indicators stop flashing.

    4. Test the device operation — open ball valve if it was closed and slightly wet the sensor contacts. If motorized ball valve starts to close ball valve, it means that the device has been connected successfully. Dry sensor contacts with cloth.

    5. Place the sensor in the most probable place of leakage:

    • under household appliances that use water, e.g. dish-washers or washing machines;
    • under flexible hoses;
    • under bath, washbasin, shower stall or near WC pan;
    • under towel dryer and radiators.

    Now when water ingress the sensor electrodes, the ball valve will be closed by the motorized ball valve.

    With this connection option, you will not be able to receive notification of leakage detection or low batteries on the devices, nor will you be able to control the motorized ball valve remotely. You will need a receiver to add the sensor and motorized ball valve to the rubetek mobile app.

    Mobile app

    Download and install rubetek application from App Store or Google Play. You can use QR-code.
    Create an account and confirm your mobile number to use the application.

    Adding to application

    1. Open rubetek application.
    2. Add receiver in application, if it was not added before
    3. Press '+' in top right angle of the main screen
    4. Select 'Add Device'

    1. Select section Safety → Leak protection → Motorized ball valve RLP-3810

    1. Press Open button three times. If activation was successful, LED in the lest part of indicator will start flashing and three beeps will sound.


    Find below all possible conditions of motorized ball valve tile on the main screen.

    Motorized ball valve
    Ball valve is opened

    Motorized ball valve
    Shut off
    Ball valve is closed

    Motorized ball valve
    Change battery

    Motorized ball valve
    Not available
    Motorized ball valve is not available 30 minutes or more


    Go to control panel to get to motorized ball valve settings.

  • 1
    Device name
  • 1
    Location room
  • 1
    Notifications settings
  • 1
  • 1
    Hide/display the motorized ball valve on the main screen
  • 1
    Add to/remove from Favorites
  • 1
    Battery charge level
  • 1
    Last activity
  • 1
    Event log
  • 1
    Advanced device data
  • 1
    Delete device from the Home app

  • With a one scale division signal, we do not guarantee stable operation of the motorized ball valve. Move the receiver to improve signal quality.

    When the battery level is less than 15%, you will be notified to replace the battery.

    The signal transmission power is automatically set uped and directly affects the battery life.

    Control shade

    To open control shade of motorized ball valve, press and hold its tile on device list screen

  • 1
    Current position of the valve
  • 1
    Open/Shut off button
  • 1
    Setting of work by timer/schedule
  • 1
    Motorized ball valve settings

  • If an error occurs in motorized ball valve operation, a message is displayed on the control shade. It means that motorized ball valve stopped during opening/shutting off procedure and didn’t reach end position. Typically, the reason for this is an obstacle in the valve way or erosion of its mechanism. If this is the reason, return the motorized ball valve to its original position and eliminate the cause of the error, then restart the process of changing the valve position.


    It is recommended to activate the self-cleaning mode of the device at least once a month to prevent fouling or erosion on the ball valve. In this mode the motorized ball valve performs a full cycle of valve position changes. If the device has been added to mobile application rubetek, you can set up automatic operation of this mode:
    1. Open control shade and select timer operation set up.
    2. Set up timer for Self-cleaning in the most convenient time for you.
    3. Save new timer.

    You can set up 10 timers for each available action.

    If motorized ball valve hasn’t been added to mobile application, we recommend to change valve position manually at least once a month.

    Other opportunities

    In combination with other devices of Smart Home system from rubetek you can create autonomous leakage control system in your home. E.g., place water leak sensor RS-3225 inn the most probable place of leakage. Create automation of motorized ball valve operation depending upon sensor conditions.

    In case of leakage motorized ball valve shuts off water and you will receive relevant notification to your smartphone. Using Panel for curtains.rollers RL-3128 you can control motorized ball valve in remote mode. Panel shall be connected to power line and you can install it in the most convenient place for you.

    Pay attention that stop button on the panel will not be active in that case, since motorized ball valve supports only two end conditions - open and shutt off.


    Create scenarios of automatic operation of connected devices. E.g., set up operation of motorized ball valve depending upon water leak sensor RS-3225 conditions.

    1. Press '+' in top right angle of the main screen
    2. Select 'Add Automation' from the bottom pop-up menu

    1. Fill in field Name in the opened window ( e.g., Leakage protection)
    2. Create conditions of scenario activation: If → Device condition → Water leak sensor → Leakage detected
    3. Specify the action that will occur if the condition is met: Then → Device condition → Motorized ball valve → Shut off
    4. Save the scenario

    Push notifications

    To use this function you should permit rubetek application to send push notifications. You can do it in your mobile phone settings.

    Event log

    The 'Events' tab displays the chronology of motorized ball valve triggering with its name and room location. Notifications on triggering other devices, if any are also in this tab. Tab is in the lower application menu.


    Should motorized ball valve be connected to power line?
    No. Motorized ball valve can work using 4 AA batteries.
    Can I connect wire sensors to motorized ball valve?
    No. The device supports operation only with wireless sensors.
    Why don't I get push and SMS-notifications about motorized ball valve triggering?
    Check communication level of sensor and receiver. Also make sure that your smartphone settings are enabled to allow notifications from the rubetek mobile app.
    Can I control motorized ball valve without Internet connection?
    Operation scenarios, created by you and timers are saved locally in receiver. Therefore they will be active even without Internet connection. But you cannot control the device in remote mode.
    Why is the battery dead faster than 3 years?
    Battery life is affected by a number of factors: ambient temperature, level of communication with the receiver, and installation location.

    If you can't solve the problem yourself, contact technical support at


    Model RLP-3810
    Connection type RF 868 MHz
    Connection of wire water leak sensor not available
    Connection of wireless water leak sensor available (rubetek RS-3225)
    Power line supply DC 5 V, 1 A
    Autonomous power supply 4 AA batteries
    Battery life-time up to 3 years
    FOTA update available
    Time for valve rotation ~22 sec to 90°
    Min. life time of motorized ball valve 150 000 open/close cycles
    Operating temperature 0 °C …+60 °C
    Installation place indoor
    Overall dimensions 135×95×82 mm
    Weight 639 549 g

    Content of delivery

    Motorized ball valve RLP-3810 1 pc
    Ball valve 1 pc
    AA batteries 4 pcs
    Mounting kit 1 pc
    Warranty card 1 pc
    Manual 1 pc