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Water leak sensor


Water leak sensor is the part of leakage protection system. Wireless device helps to define failure and sends push- and SMS- notifications on leakage to you smartphone. If you install the device in the most likely places of flooding, you will secure your home.

You need a receiver that supports adding rubetek wireless devices to add the sensor to the mobile app and receive notifications to your smartphone. Receiver is a re-transmitter of signals from the sensors to the mobile app.

Devices that can play the role of receiver for water leak sensor:

Wi-Fi plug RE-3305

Control module RM-3715

Wi-Fi single switch relay RE-3313

Wi-Fi single switch relay with dry contact RE-3314

Wi-Fi double switch relay RE-3315

Principle of operation

Sensor has four contacts in lower part of housing. If water gets on them, an electrical circuit closes. If only one contact pair is wet, the Sensor instantly transmits an alarm to the receiver and you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

The notification about sensor triggering will be sent irrespective of the system state - whether the Security mode is on or off.


Quick push- and SMS- notifications when a leak is detected
Push- and SMS- notifications to change battery
Diagnostics of sensor functionality every 30 minutes
Display of the name and sensor location room in notification
Automatic closing of water in conjunction with other devices
Two-way communication and display of signal quality with receiver
Lifetime up to 2 years without battery change

Structure diagram

  • 1
  • 1
    Touch button

  • Battery compartment

  • 1
    Battery fastening
  • 1
    Battery compartment cover
  • 1
    Water sensors

  • Installation

    1. Open cover of battery compartment by picking up the groove and insert the battery (supplied). Close the cover.
    2. Install the sensor in the most likely places of leaks: near bathtubs, washing machines, showers, sinks, pipes, radiators, etc.

    Mobile app

    Download and install rubetek application from App Store or Google Play.
    You can use QR-code.
    Create an account and confirm your mobile number to use the application.

    Adding to application

    1. Open rubetek application.
    2. Add receiver in application, if it was not added before
    3. Press '+' in top right angle of the main screen
    4. Select 'Add Device'

    1. Select section Safety → Leak protection → Water leak sensor RS-3225

    1. Press the button 10 times or more with frequency 1 sec. to put sensor into adding mode. Sensor diode shall start flashing


    Find below all possible conditions of sensor tile on the main screen.

    Water leak sensor
    No leakage, sensor is working correctly

    Water leak sensor
    Battery is low
    Change battery

    Water leak sensor
    Leakage is detected
    Leakage is detected

    Water leak sensor
    Not available
    Sensor is not available 30 minutes or more


    If there are actuators in the house, you can set up automatic scenarios. E.g., closing electric actuators, connected through relay RE-3315, if sensor detects leakage.


    Press and hold the tile on the screen to open sensor settings.

  • 1
    Sensor name
  • 1
    Location room
  • 1
    Notifications settings
  • 1
  • 1
    Hide/display the sensor on the main screen
  • 1
    Add to/remove from Favorites
  • 1
    Battery charge level
  • 1
    Last activity
  • 1
    Event log
  • 1
    Advanced device data
  • 1
    Delete Sensor from the Home app

  • With a one scale division signal, we do not guarantee stable operation of the security system. Move the device to improve signal quality.

    When the battery level is less than 15%, you will be notified to replace the battery.

    The signal transmission power is automatically set up and directly affects the battery life.

    Other opportunities

    In combination with relay RE-3315 you can create complex autonomous leakage protection system. Connect electric actuators to relay and set up the scenario for closing valves when leakage is detected.
    When connecting these devices you will receive:

    1. Notifications on leakages to your smartphone;
    2. Automatic water shutoff at leakage;
    3. Water shutoff according to schedule.

    But the most important is that the scenario will activate even in case of failure of Internet network. Relay saves the scenario and it will operate locally.

    Event log

    The Events tab displays the chronology of sensor triggering with its name and room location. Tab is in the lower application menu.

    Push notifications

    To use this function you should permit rubetek application to send push notifications. You can do it in your mobile phone settings. Notifications on leakage will be send regardless of the Security mode status.


    How does the Sensor know that the leak is fixed?
    When contacts become dry and open, sensor notifies about fixing the leak.
    How can I check that sensor is functioning?
    The device communicates with receiver every 30 min. to check functionality. Check the date and time of the last check in the sensor settings (Last Activity).
    Why is the battery dead faster than 3 years?
    Battery life is affected by a number of factors: ambient temperature, level of communication with the receiver, and installation location.
    Why don't I get push and SMS-notifications about sensor triggering?
    Check the signal strength of the Sensor with the receiver and whether notification permission for the rubetek app is enabled in your smartphone settings.
    What should I do if the Sensor keeps signaling a leak after it has been repaired?
    Wipe the Sensor contacts with a cloth soaked in clean water and then dry.
    Where shouldn't the sensor be installed?
    Neal metal objects, causing radio signal attenuation.

    If you can't solve the problem yourself, contact technical support at


    Model RS-3225
    Connection type RF 868 MHz
    Operation range up to 200 m at open territory
    Operating voltage 3 V
    Power component Battery CR2032
    Battery life-time up to 3 years
    Operating Temperature 0°C…+40°C
    Operating humidity up to 80% (no condensation)
    Installation place indoor
    Mobile app You can't add it directly to the mobile app. Receiver is required (Wi-Fi device, supporting sensor adding function)
    Overall dimensions 39×39×9 mm
    Weight 22 g

    Content of delivery

    Water leak sensor RS-3225 1 pc
    Battery CR2032 1 pc
    Warranty card 1 pc
    Manual 1 pc