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Temperature and humidity sensor


Temperature and humidity sensor— wireless device that helps to control microclimate and informs you when space heater, air conditioner or air humidifier shall be switched on.

You need a receiver that supports adding rubetek wireless devices to add the sensor to the mobile app and receive notifications to your smartphone.
Receiver is a re-transmitter of signals from the sensors to the mobile app.

Devices that can play the role of receiver for temperature and humidity sensor:

Wi-Fi plug RЕ-3305

Wi-Fi single switch relay RЕ-3313

Wi-Fi single switch relay with dry contact RЕ-3314

Wi-Fi double switch relay RЕ-3315

Control module RM-3715

Principle of operation

Sensor consists of sensing element that registers small changes of temperature and humidity. If the temperature changes by 1°C and the humidity by 3%, the Sensor transmits the information to the receiver by radio signal and you will receive a notification on your smartphone.
Sensor triggering notification will be send only if mode 'security' is activated.


Display of temperature and humidity readings in application
Control of microclimate in a room
High measurement accuracy
Push- and SMS- notifications to change battery
Diagnostics of sensor functionality every 30 minutes
Display of the name and sensor location room in notification
Two-way communication and display of signal quality with receiver
Lifetime up to 2 years without battery change

Structure diagram

  • 1
  • 1
    Touch button

  • Battery compartment

  • 1
    Battery fastening
  • 1
    Battery compartment cover

  • Installation

    1. Open cover of battery compartment by picking up the groove and insert the battery (supplied). Close the cover.
    2. Install sensor at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. Avoid placing the sensor near windows, doors, radiators and light sources. Sensor can be fastened at sufficient surface using double-side adhesive tape, included in the scope of supply.

    Mobile app

    Download and install rubetek application from App Store or Google Play. You can use QR-code.
    Create an account and confirm your mobile number to use the application.

    Adding to application

    1. Open rubetek application.
    2. Add receiver in application, if it was not added before
    3. Press '+' in top right angle of the main screen
    4. Select 'Add Device'

    1. Select section Climate → Temperature and humidity sensor → RС-3605

    1. Press the button 10 times or more with frequency 1 sec. to put sensor into adding mode. Sensor diode shall start flashing


    Find below all possible conditions of sensor tile on the main screen.



    T&H sensor
    Current value of temperature and humidity



    T&H sensor
    Change battery

    T&H sensor
    Not available
    Sensor is not available 30 minutes or more


    Temperature and humidity change schedule is displayed on the main screen:


    If you have hubs, you can set up different automations. E.g., automatic switching on or off of air conditioner of air humidifier.

    Other opportunities

    In combination with other devices, e.g. control module RM-3715, you can set up automatic adjustment of climate in a room:

    1. Air conditioner switching off when set temperature values are reached;
    2. Notifications to smartphone;
    3. Monitoring of temperature and humidity;

    But the most important is that the scenario will activate even in case of failure of Internet network. Control module saves the scenario and it will operate locally.


    Press and hold the tile on the screen to open sensor settings.

  • 1
    Sensor name
  • 1
    Location room
  • 1
    Notifications settings
  • 1
  • 1
    Hide/display the sensor on the main screen
  • 1
    Add to/remove from Favorites
  • 1
    Battery charge level
  • 1
    Last activity
  • 1
    Event log
  • 1
    Advanced device data
  • 1
    Delete Sensor from the Home app

  • With a one scale division signal, we do not guarantee stable operation of the security system. Move the device to improve signal quality.

    When the battery level is less than 15%, you will be notified to replace the battery.

    The signal transmission power is automatically set uped and directly affects the battery life.

    Push notifications

    To use this function you should permit rubetek application to send push notifications. You can do it in your mobile phone settings.


    Why is the battery dead faster than 3 years?
    Battery life is affected by a number of factors: ambient temperature, level of communication with the receiver, and installation location.
    How can I check that sensor is functioning?
    The device communicates with receiver every 30 min. to check functionality. Check the date and time of the last check in the sensor settings (Last Activity).
    Why aren't the light level readings updated in the app?
    Check the signal strength of the Sensor with the receiver and whether notification permission for the rubetek app is enabled in your smartphone settings.
    Where shouldn't the sensor be installed?
    Near metal objects, causing attenuation of radio signal and entrance doors and windows, near fan or in an area exposed to direct sunlight. All these have negative affect on readings accuracy and information will be displayed in the wrong way.

    If you can't solve the problem yourself, contact technical support at


    Model RС-3605
    Connection type RF 868 MHz
    Operation range up to 200 m at open territory
    Operating voltage 3 v
    Power component Battery CR2032
    Battery life-time up to 2 years
    Operating Temperature 0°C…+40°C
    Operating humidity up to 80% (no condensation)
    Installation place indoor
    Mobile app You can't add it directly to the mobile app. Receiver is required (Wi-Fi device, supporting sensor adding function)
    Overall dimensions 39×39×9 mm
    Weight 22 22 g

    Content of delivery

    Temperature and humidity sensor RC-3605 1 pc
    Battery CR2032 1 pc
    3M tape 1 pc
    Manual 1 pc
    Warranty card 1 pc