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Water leak sensor

Water leak sensor



This is a compact, battery-powered wireless radio device. The sensor is equipped with 4 contacts on the bottom of the case. If water gets on at least one pair of contacts, the device will register the leak, and you will receive a corresponding notification to your smartphone. When the contacts dry out, a leak elimination event will be generated.
The sensor is a component of the Leakage Protection System. Operation together with RLP-3810 Motorized Ball Valve will ensure automatic shut-off of the water in case of leakage. Place the Sensor in the most likely places of leakage and protect yourself from the unpleasant consequences of flooding.

A Wi-Fi device supporting Rubetek RF 868 MHz sensors is required to add the device to the mobile app, receive notifications and create scripts.
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Received signal strength indicator in the app
  • Operability confirmation every 30 min
  • Push-notifications when the battery charge level is low
  • Automated operation in pair with RLP-3810 Motorized Ball Valve
Connection type RF 868 MHz
Radio signal range up to 200 m outdoors
Operating voltage 3 V
Battery CR2032
Battery life up to 3 years
Operability confirmation interval 30 min
Battery level data yes
RSSI (Received signal strength indicator) yes
FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) yes
Operating temperature 0°C…+40°C
Operating humidity до 80% non-condensing
Tamper detection no
Installation interior only
Case material plastic
Dimensions 39×39×9 mm
Weight 22 g