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One-button remote control panel

One-button remote control panel



This is a battery-powered wireless device. The Panel allows to expand the functionality of your Smart home without being tied to wiring. With one touch, you can control light, put the house on guard, open the door when the intercom system calls, turn off electrical appliances or run scripts for other devices to work together.
Ease of installation makes it possible to place the Panel where convenient, without limiting yourself by planning difficulties.
The device is designed in two variants - one-button and two-button models. The number of buttons determines the number of supported scripts.

When you touch the Panel, it will send a radio signal. A Wi-Fi device supporting Rubetek RF 868 MHz sensors is required to receive and process such radio signal. After receiving a signal from the Panel, it will perform the script of the Smart Home system.
Доступные цвета White
Доступные цвета Anthracite
Доступные цвета Beige
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Received signal strength indicator in the app
  • Operability confirmation every 30 min
  • Push-notifications when the battery charge level is low
Connection type RF 868 MHz
Radio signal range up to 200 m outdoors
Operating voltage 3 V
Battery CR2450
Battery life up to 3 years
Operability confirmation interval 30 min
Battery level data yes
RSSI (Received signal strength indicator) yes
FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) yes
Operating temperature 0°C…+40°C
Operating humidity до 80% non-condensing
Tamper detection yes
Installation interior only
Case material plastic, glass
Dimensions 80×80×12 mm
Weight 100 g