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Short circuit isolator module

Short circuit isolator module



This device is designed to open a part of PLC when signs of a short circuit are detected. It is used with CP-1 receiving and control device (Control Panel) and SC-1 controller.
  • Automatic restoration of operability of the addressable communication line, when the short circuit is eliminated
  • Does not occupy addressable space slots on system controllers
  • Light indication of status
  • Subdivision topologies: tree, ring, mixed
Connection type PLC
Number of occupied address slots 0
Power supply via PLC
Current consumption from PLC, mA, not more than in standby mode : 0.5
in "short circuit on line" mode : 7
Number of PLC inputs, pcs 3
Operating temperature, °C from -25 to + 55
Operating relative humidity, non-condensing up to 93 % at 40 °C
Case protection rating IP40
Dimensions, mm 80 x 32 x 21
Weight, g, not more than 30
Average service life, years 10
Average time to failure, h 60000