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Radio Extender Module

Radio Extender Module



This device is designed to increase the range of radio communication between CP-1 and RUBETEK wireless fire alarm devices, as well as to connect wireless devices to SC-1 system controller.
  • Data exchange between wireless devices and radio expander in two-way mode
  • Automatic fault monitoring of radio expander and communication interfaces
  • Light indication of status
  • Tampering device against opening of the case
  • Testing using "Test" button or from the controller menu
  • Built-in short circuit isolator
Voltage supply main: DC 24 ± 20%
backup: DC 24 ± 20%
Current consumption, mA, max 14
Link interface PLC
Number of occupied address slots 1
Quantity of the extenders, linked to PLC interface, ea. 15
Built-in PLC isolator available
Communication interface with detectors RF 868 MHz
Maximum communication range (in open area), m 900
Signal encryption ХTEA 128bit
Number of channels within the frequency range, pcs. 5
Max radiation power, mW 25
Tamper detector (enclosure opening) available
Tamper detector (sensor removal) available
Operation temperature range, °С from -10 to + 55
Relative air humidity, % up to 93 % at 40 ° C
The degree of protection for the case IP20
Dimensions, mm 160 × 125 × 36
Weight, kg, max 0,2
Average lifetime, years 10
Average time between failures, h 60000
Probability of failure-free operation per 1000 h 0,98