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Wireless Addressable  manual call point

Wireless Addressable manual call point



The device is designed for manual activation of "Fire" signal in RUBETEK addressable fire alarm system. It is used with CP-1 receiving and control device (Control Panel) and, through RE-1 radio expander, with SC-1 controller. Communication with system devices is carried out via RF 868 MHz wireless protocol
  • Protection against accidental activation
  • Automatic detection of the device in the system
  • Performance monitoring
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Tampering device against opening of the case
  • Tampering device against separation from installation site
  • Light indication of status
  • Switching to service mode without interference with pairing and settings
  • Modern design
Device type A
Number of occupied address slots 1
Link interface RF 868 MHz
Supply voltage, V main: 3, CR123A 1500 mAh battery;
backup: 3, CR2032 210 mAh battery
Battery life main: at least 3 years
backup: at least 3 months
Activation at the force of pressing the button, N, not less than 25
Maximum link range (in open area), m 900
Signal encryption XTEA 128bit
Radiant flux power, mW, max 25
Number of channels within the frequency range, pcs. 5
Tamper sensor available
Operation temperature range, °С from - 10 to + 55
Relative air humidity up to 93% at +40°С
Case protection degree IP20
Dimensions, mm 85 × 85 × 40
Weight, g, max 116
Average lifetime, years 10
Average time between failures, h 60000