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Addressable Heat Detector

Addressable Heat Detector



The device is designed to detect fire outbreaks accompanied by an increase in temperature inside the controlled space and transmit "Fire" signal, as well as signals about its technical condition to the controllers of RUBETEK fire alarm system. It is used with CP-1 receiving and control device (Control Panel) and SC-1 controller.
Доступные цвета
Доступные цвета
  • Features two ways of determining fire outbreaks - by the maximum temperature and by the rate of temperature rise
  • Generation of "Fire" and "Fault" signals
  • Automatic detection of the device in the system
  • Detector testing using a laser tester or from the controller menu
  • Performance monitoring
  • Light indication of status
  • Measurement of PLC voltage at the installation site
  • Switching to service mode without interference with pairing and settings
  • Convenient mounting on the base
  • Protective cover
  • Modern design
Link interface PLC
Number of occupied address slots 1
Power supply via PLC
Current consumption, mA max 0,24 in Standby mode
max 0,26 in «Fire» mode
Operating temperature, °C from - 25 to + 55
Operating relative humidity, non-condensing up to 93% at +40°C
Detector class P
Class A1R rate of rise heat detection with fixed temperature up to 58°C
Class A1S fixed temperature heat detection up to 58°C
Class BS high fixed temperature heat detection up to 78°C
Dimensions, mm Ø 92 x 42
Case protection rating IP20
Weight, g, max 79
Average lifetime, years 10
Average time between failures, h 60000