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Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel



The device is designed for autonomous and centralized protection of buildings and structures from fires. It is used for construction of wired and wireless fire alarm systems. Autonomous operation in standby mode is provided for at least 24 hours and at least 30 minutes in «Fire»

* depends on the number of connected devices
  • Easy system setup
  • Built-in backup power
  • Ring PLC interface for managing addressable devices
  • Automatic control of PLC integrity and serviceability of addressable devices
  • RF 868 interface to control wireless devices
  • Own addressable space for connecting 250 addressable devices
  • Management of WAES (warning and control system for evacuation of people in case of fire) systems
  • 2 freely programmable inputs and outputs
  • 2 controlled dry contact outputs
  • Light and sound indication of operating modes
  • Liquid crystal display
Supply voltage, V Main: DC 220 ± 20%
Standby: DC 24 ± 20%
Own consumption current, A, not more than in standby mode: not more than 1.6
in “Fire” mode: not more than 1.8
Communication interface RF 868 MHz, PLC, GSM
Number of PLC interfaces, pcs 2
The maximum load current of the PLC for each channel, A 0,65
The maximum length of PLC interface, m 900
The number of addressable devices connected to the Control Panel via PLC interface and RF 868 MHz, pcs 250
Operating frequency of the wireless interface, MHz 868
Number of channels within the frequency range, pcs 5
Signal encryption XTEA 128bit
Radiation power, MW, not more than 25
The maximum communication range between the CP and wireless DEVs via RF interface 868 MHz, in open terrain, m 900
Number of «Dry contact» controlled outputs, pcs 2
The maximum voltage at the output of dry contact, V 220
The maximum switching current at the «Dry contact» output, A 2
Output voltage, V 24 V ± 20%
The maximum switching current of each output, A 0.45
Operating temperature, °C from -10 to +55
Operating relative humidity, non-condensing up to 93% at +40°C
Case protection rating IP30
Dimensions, mm 300 × 250 × 100
Average lifetime, years 10
Average time between failures, h 60000
Probability of trouble-free operation in 1000 hours 0.98